Day 33 Drive to Terra Ronca Anyone for Bridge? 6th June 2011

Lost track now but I think we had one of our earliest starts so far!  We had a taxi booked for 5am to get us and our gear back to Amber and be on the road by 5.30.  Taxi finally arrived at 5.30 by which time we had gone down the cobbled hill with all our stuff.  Amazing that we left only a few minutes later than planned.  Go team  Amberghini!  We had a long and very dusty drive on a dirty road and when we got the campsite we discovered that it had closed down so onwards to a place we were told would let us camp and may have some rooms available.  To get there we had to cross 2 very unstable looking bridges which Ross crossed while we all watched from the safety of the road!  We got to the Pousada and set up tents (believe it our not I chose not to upgrade – feels like cheating if I upgrade all the time) and got here beers out.  The owners made a lovely Rice, beans & meat dinner which was welcomed as no one wanted to cook after such a long drive!

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